These PPAs include nine projects within close proximity to major utility lines in Southern California and are slated for completion in 2013 to supply power to thousands of homes via a 20-year contract with Southern California Edison (SCE).

The Martifer Solar-Silverado Power joint-venture projects got allocated 40% of contracted capacity of SCE’s Renewable Standard Contract program, a voluntary effort from SCE to procure renewable power from small to mid-sized generation facilities.

The joint venture projects under development are a part of a growing portfolio of over 400MW of utility-scale projects for Martifer Solar and Silverado Power, bringing local job growth to Los Angeles County, in US.

Silverado Power vice president of engineering Hans Isern said that the company is excited to work with SCE to bring cost-competitive renewables online quickly.

"SCE’s Renewable Standard Contract program offers an important mechanism to meeting California’s renewable and distributed energy goals," Isern said.