Sauer Energy, an American wind turbine manufacturer, has inked a memorandum of understanding with Bionics Global to launch Sauer's turbines in Asia Pacific market.

As per the terms of the agreement, Asian wholesale distributer Bionics Global will introduce Sauer’s patented WindCharger and HelixWind vertical axis wind turbines in the region.

The manufacturer has scheduled to commence the production of US-made turbines by late 2013.

Bionics Global CEO Edwin Cho noted that with the company’s sales infrastructure across the three countries would mark a strong initial launch for Sauer.

"We’re already doing business in these markets, we’re very familiar with local consumers and governments, and we think that Sauer technology offers the ideal solution for these very challenging times," added Cho.

"There is nothing like WindCharger technology available anywhere in Asia, and my management team is thrilled to be part of this exciting venture."

Sauer Energy CEO and president Dieter Sauer "SEI’s proprietary ownership of the WindCharger and HelixWind technologies open up the entire world for clean, self-sustaining, cost-effective energy.

"But while the potential is huge within North America, even that is over-shadowed by the desperate demand in Asia — and later in Africa," added Sauer.