The project is anticipated to considerably reduce the OCCC’s total energy costs and carbon emissions. An education center inside the convention center will demonstrate the system data, performance and solar energy information to the millions of visitors of this venue.

The Orange County Convention Center project is a significant step in the growth of utility scale solar power generation in Florida, said Don Albinger, Vice president of renewable energy solutions at Johnson Controls Inc. We were pleased with the performance characteristics of the Satcon inverters, and their availability helped us get this project designed and installed on time.

The Orange County Convention Center installation continues to set the standard for clean, utility grade energy in North America, said Pete DeGraff, vice president of sales and marketing at Satcon Technology. The project showcases both Orange County’s and the state of Florida’s commitment to solar energy as a reliable source of power to supply their energy demands. We applaud their innovation and are honored to be a part of this world class team of industry leaders.

Satcon Technology is a US-based provider distributed power solutions.