UK grocer, J. Sainsbury is in negotiations with the Department of Health over the possibility of a joint campaign, fronted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, to promote healthier dining at family meal times, the Guardian has reported.

In a further bid to improve the nation’s diet, the parties involved are planning to work together to encourage families to sit down together at meal times, in a campaign featuring Jamie Oliver, who currently fronts the retailer’s advertising campaigns.

The newspaper said a campaign of this nature, using a commercial brand, would signal the end of government public health campaigns. However, it revealed that a new report commissioned by the health department argues that such linkups should be encouraged in the future as long as suitable ethical guidelines are drawn up.

The family meal will be targeted in the battle against unhealthy eating because research has showed that as little as three in 10 families dine together more than once a week, the Guardian reported.

The celebrity chef already has a reputation as a savior in the battle against unhealthy eating, following his successful TV series which highlighted the poor quality of food consumed by children in schools.

It is estimated that Mr Oliver receives GBP1 million a year to star in Sainsbury’s advertisements.