The biomass program works with industry, academia, and national laboratory partners on a balanced portfolio of research in biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies.

As part of the program, the DOE recently announced that it will partially fund via grants the design, construction, and operation of 18 integrated ethanol biorefinery pilot and demonstration projects, helping promote the development and commercialization of cellulosic and algae derived biofuel and biochemical production in the US.

Under the BPA, RW Beck will serve as DOE’s independent engineer on these projects, providing services including assistance in program management, technical and financial due diligence, construction and operations monitoring, and recovery act compliance.

JT Grumski, senior vice president and business unit general manager of SAIC, said: “We have extensive experience providing renewable technologies support services and design-build projects to government and commercial customers, and we understand the complexities associated with ethanol biofuels and biochemicals technologies and their deployment in the market place.”