In response to calls from Berlin to fully open up Germany's energy network, RWE has announced that it is guaranteeing all power plants non-discriminatory access to the German grid.

To facilitate the liberalization of the network, RWE plans to invest some E12 billion in the generation business until the year 2020. RWE says that the investment will make it the single largest investor in new power plants in Germany.

We don’t just announce projects – we actually build them. Since we want to be able to connect all our new power stations to the grid, all the other competitors must also be given non-discriminatory access to the network, said Jan Zilius, CEO of RWE Power AG.

With the aim of ensuring a high level of security of supply, we are investing E2 billion to expand, modernize and operate our networks every year, added Berthold Bonekamp, CEO of RWE Energy AG.