The property is located adjacent to the producing Red Lake Mine of Goldcorp. Please see

The exploration program consists of both 3D and 2D induced polarization ("IP") and ground magnetic surveys in conjunction with geological mapping and litho-geochemical sampling work. The 3D survey was conducted with Abitibi Geophysics’ IPower3D system, which is a true 3D array resistivity/IP topographical imaging survey of the deeper targets.

A total of six anomalous trends are interpreted – Three Strong to Very Strong IP anomalies are identified on the North grid. By far, the two strongest anomalies are GCN-03 and GCN-05, located south of tie line +750S, in an East-West direction. These anomalies have both the chargeable and low resistivity (conductive) signatures indicative of mineralization associated with a contact boundary.

They seem to correspond well with a contact zone of complexly folded and faulted conglomerate and Balmer mafic metavolcanic. In addition to this contact zone, the source for these anomalies may also be the Balmer metavolcanics- as evidenced by a combination of the appearance of an extension of these anomalies at further depth and a superimposition of the anomalies onto the lithological map.

The strength and size of the chargeability anomalies suggest that their source is deeper than the anomalies themselves. However, limited vertical extent of this 3D IP survey prevents further vertical extrapolation to the causative source body beyond the maximum depth of 700 meters.

The existence of these chargeability anomalies is supported by an association with a sulphidized conglomeratic unit observed in one outcrop in the anomalous area.

FGC Inc, who conducted the geological field work and supervised the IP and Mag surveys on behalf of Rupert for this program, recommends that these anomalies and their potential source be further tested by diamond core drilling. A program of three holes totalling 2,400 meters would be designed to test the mineralization of the most prominent anomalies (GCN-03 and GCN-05) while also drilling into the Balmer metavolcanics, which potentially occurs just below the lower extent of the IP interpretation of these targets.

Rupert wishes to thank the management of Conquest Resources Limited for supporting this exploration effort by allowing the ground IP grid to overlap onto Conquest’s patents at the boundary between the two properties.