Romania is planning to reduce subsidies for renewable energy projects from 2014 in order to avoid overcompensation.

According to the country’s energy regular, ANRE, the move follows the increasing pressure for subsidy reductions in countries such as Britain and Germany.

The country also plans to reduce the number of green certificates solar technologies by one.

Commenting on the developments ANRE regulator Zoltan Nagy-Bege said that the Romanian support scheme currently provides six green certificates to solar power developers for every MWh of electricity they produce until 2017.

ANRE will propose to the government to reduce the number of green certificates for solar energy from 1 January 2014, added Nagy-Bage.

Romania’s green certificates scheme has played a key role in attracting billions of euros in investment, specifically in wind power.

Currently, the country has 1,600MW in wind generating assets and wind energy developers will continue to receive two certificates per MWh.