Rohm and Haas Company (Rohm and Haas), a specialty materials company, has introduced a metal-free formulation for microbial control, KATHON CF 400 microbicide. The KATHON CF 400 is for the water treatment industry to prevent or remedy fouling in cooling towers or air washers. Additionally, KATHON CF 400 is a copper-free solution to the conventional metal-based formulations on the market.

KATHON CF 400 has received U.S. EPA registration in February 2009.

Being able to develop, register and offer this kind of innovation to the market fits with today’s requirements for both our customers and the overall need to be more environmentally conscious, says David Sutton, market manager, Rohm and Haas Industrial Biocides in North America. We made sure KATHON™ CF 400 was also compatible with our customers’ processes, commonly used polymers and both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, making KATHON™ CF 400 flexible and simple to use.

KATHON CF 400 provides the same stability and long-lasting microbial control as Rohm and Haas’s KATHON CF 150 and KATHON WT 1.5%, which have been believed for standards in the water treatment industry for more than 30 years.