The Mulyawara 1 is a shallow oil prospect in the northwest corner of PEL 253 in the Officer Basin on a structure of approximately 36.3 square kilometres (per horizon) in size as identified on seven separate 2-D seismic lines.

According to the company, the proposed location is for a depth of 2,700m which will test five prospective reservoir horizons: Murnaroo, Talina, Mundallio, Emeroo and Pindyin, the deepest of which is the aeolian Pindyin sandstone (sub-salt unit)

The property is being operated by Rodonia which owns an 80% working interest in the lease.

Drilling of Mulyawara 1 is expected to take approximately six to eight weeks to reach total depth after which prospective hydrocarbon shows will be tested.

Rodinia’s has signed a drilling contract with Ensign International Energy Services which includes four firm wells with the option for upto four additional wells in the Officer Basin.

Rodinia’s second drilling location, Kutjara 1, has recently been hi-graded and re-confirmed by additional 2-D seismic lines.

Rodinia is an international oil and gas exploration corporation engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of petroleum and natural gas assets.