The new 3MW turbine, which has a rated frequency of 60Hz, has a rotor diameter of 122m and a hub height of 100m.

The company will sell the first variant with a hub height of 100m in Canada in late 2013. The prototype is expected to be installed in the first quarter of 2015.

REpower Systems CEO Andreas Nauen said that with the REpower 3.0M122, the company can achieve optimum energy yield at non-coastal sites with lower wind speeds as well as in challenging areas such as hilly terrain or forests.

"Particularly in Ontario, many wind farm locations are situated near to built-up areas. For projects like these, apart from the cost-effectiveness of our turbines, it is also their quietness that makes them so impressive," Nauen added.

The company will showcase the variant of the turbine in the upcoming CanWEA trade fair in Canada.