ADEME has committed to support the project to deploy public charging infrastructure for carbonfree vehicles with EUR6.5m funding.

The details of the proposed Save project were submitted to ADEME under the request for proposals on carbon-free vehicles of June 26, 2009. As a result, ADEME has now revealed that the project has been selected for funding as an experiment to test operational electric mobility solutions.

The main project partners, the Renault-Nissan Alliance and EDF have teamed up Schneider Electric, Better Place and a variety of other companies to give shape to the project with support from Ile de France region and the Yvelines General Council.

EPAMSA, the public development authority for the Seine Aval area in Paris has facilitated the coordination among the various public and private organizations, that have made technical and financial partnerships on the proposed project.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance will supply approximately one hundred electric vehicles (saloons and light commercial vehicles) for testing by individual customers and professionals on the territory under the Operation d’Interet National Seine Aval, in Yvelines as a part of the project.

Charging infrastructure will be provided to the users at home and the workplace, and in car parks and on public roads.

The experiment will help the Renault-Nissan Alliance to study customer uses and associated services, particularly those linked to in-vehicle and external communications.

EDF will help set up the infrastructure and analyze user behavior towards charging and testing business models. Schneider Electric will help develop the charging infrastructure and the related energy management mechanisms. Better Place will install and manage the battery switch stations and test the associated commercial offerings.