Subsequently, a diamond drill program of about 2500-3000 meters in conjunction with selective geophysical surveys is planned to begin in early December.

Massive Sulphides Confirmed at Surface

Mechanized trenching conducted in July, 2013 exposed approximately 20 meters of massive sulphides consisting of sphalerite (zinc), galena (lead), and veins of chalcopyrite (copper) immediately west of the historic Vencan Zinc showing and is identified as Trench Zone 1 ("TZ1").

Following visual confirmation of mineralized outcrop, we drilled two very shallow holes, approximately 6 meters apart, into TZ1 and one shallow hole south-west of the Jefferson Trench zone identified as ("JT1") using a back pack unit to gain targeting information for the planned diamond drill program.

Due to depth limitations of the back-pack drill unit, drill core was terminated in mineralization and the maximum total hole depths were less than 8.5 meters.

Richard Schler, CEO commented: "The latest results are both exciting and promising. The property has all the indicators to host a potential discovery: Massive sulphides identified and confirmed at surface; geophysical and structural data interpretation all suggest the mineralization has significant strike length and should carry to depth, geochemical analysis indicates it has the right kind of elements typically found proximal to known VMS deposits and is close to existing infrastructure."

"The next step is to get the drills turning on what might be the best opportunity for a significant new discovery in the entire Timmins area."

Back Pack Drill Results

For clarity purposes, we have re-presented the back pack drill results which were outlined in our recent news release on November 12, 2013. The purpose of the backpack drill program was to test areas with:

no outcrop exposure and favourable geophysical targets, and
to obtain structural information in areas of known mineralization such as the trench zone.

Property is Close to Existing Infrastructure

The Cayenne-Chili property is located about 94 kilometers south-west of Timmins which is home to several mines including the Kidd Creek Deposit.

There are existing rail and power lines within 25 kilometers of the property and numerous well travelled all weather logging roads provide vehicle access to the property.
Back Pack Drills Vs Diamond Drills

Diamond drill units are used for "exploration" holes to verify the overall extent and grade of potential mineralized zones. They are usually moved from "hole to hole" using bulldozers, typically collect core samples in the 2.250 inch diameter range and drill to maximum depths of about 600 meters.

Back-pack drills similar to the unit we used on our recent "prospecting" program to obtain the above results are very portable (weighing approximately 185 lbs) and can be "moved around" manually which makes them ideal for prospecting. They typically collect core samples in the 1.516 inch diameter range and have limited depth range.

About the Cayenne-Chili Property

The Cayenne – Chili Property hosts a remobilized VMS System Associated with an adjacent banded iron formation.

Multiple lenses of mineralization observed in the VenCan zinc showing indicate a stacked sequence of mineralized horizons

Remobilized Mineralization dips steeply to the North- not to the South as previously interpreted

Identified new showings with full utilization of Geophysical and Geochemical Data

Known High Grade Mineralization – assayed values of up to 24.7% Zn, 15.6% Pb and 1.1% Cu from grab samples along the corridor (2013)

Close to existing infrastructure (rail line, power, all weather roads)

Qualified Person

Quentin Yarie, P.Geo., is the qualified person in regard to the technical data contained within this news release and will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Company’s exploration programs.