RCC placement began today at the 130m high Dong Nai 4 dam in Vietnam. The dam, on the Dong Nai River, is part of a cascade of hydro projects 200km north of Saigon.



RCC works begin at Dong Nai 4

The Dong Nai 4 project involves the construction of a 130m high RCC dam with a crest length of approximately 510m. The crest elevation is at 481m asl with the deepest foundation level going down to 350m asl.

Excavation works for the dam foundation started at the end of 2005 and were substantially completed at the end of 2007. The majority of the excavation works on the abutments have been carried out, although some parts remain to be excavated on the right abutment.

Grouting works began in 2006 in the riverbed prior to construction of the diversion culvert. The grouting works for the riverbed have been completed and are in progress for the left (up to El 375m) and right (up to El 365m) abutment.



Information and photographs courtesy of Ted Warren, RCC consulting engineer