The property in northwestern Ontario includes 128 claim units spanning 2072 hectares, in which the company owns a 100% interest.

Backhoe trenching and chip sampling on five different trenches revealed 3.92% coarse flake graphite over 8 meters from the North Zone, 2.96% coarse flake graphite over 12 meters from the Central Zone, and 4.18% coarse flake graphite over 6.5 m from the South Zone.

The EM anomaly mapped the graphite mineralization and the total length of the conductive trend was more than 4 km.

Particle Size Analysis (PSA) analysed 9.27% C-Graphite and flake graphite was recognized with 42.9% of the total graphite reporting to the plus 35 mesh and 69.4% of total Graphite in the plus 65 mesh fraction.

Rare Earth Metals president and CEO Michael Stares said, "The results from this limited work has confirmed that the Manitouwadge graphite mineralization has a tonnage potential and flake size quality that has surpassed our minimum requirements.

"We are initiating the next phase of work which will include ground geophysics and follow-up sampling/trenching to prioritize the ‘sweet spots’ along the three parallel zones," he added.

A drill program is anticipated once this next phase of work is completed".

Preliminary results indicated that about 40% graphite is significantly liberated at the current grind and the -850/+300 size fraction is more representative of the natural graphite flake size.

In the -850/+300 micron fraction, the flake size determination is 310 microns which is considered coarse flake graphite.

Additional mineralogical studies are ongoing and will include gravity separation and froth flotation tests to concentrate graphite and determine recovery and grade.