US-based renewable energy developer Ram Power has completed the remediation program at its San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal project in Nicaragua.

The program, which was started on July 18, 2013 and ended as of January 14, 2013, included the refurbishment of four existing production wells as well as the replacement and perforation of specified well casings along with the deepening and forking of two wells.

The company’s resource consultant Sinclair Knight Merz and PENSA engineering staff have led the remediation drilling operations under the program, which is aimed at increasing steam resource of around 9-14MW gross or 70-110 tonnes/hour of additional net capacity.

The company had encountered an obstruction when a sinker bar run survey was conducted under the heat-up period and discharge test of well SJ 9-3 in December 2013 and cleared that obstruction using the ThermaSource drilling rig back.

Following the clearing, the company said that it had conducted a sinker bar measurement which reached the final depth of 1,980m and remained encouraged with the initial results.

With respect to well SJ 12-3, the company was unable to retrieve the whipstock in mid-December 2013 that are used to directionally drill the forked leg, and later it was successful following several down hole camera runs.

Having completed the resource program, the company intends conduct a plant capacity test in March 2014 that includes a 30-day stabilization period of the resource field followed by a seven-day performance test to determine the net operating output of the plant.