Additionally, RadiSys Procelerant CEGSXT, based on the Intel Core2 Duo processor, and CEZ5XT, based on the Intel Atom processor, modules have been upgraded and can now support operation in extended temperature range (-25C to +70C).

These modules are also a perfect match for the new RadiSys Procelerant Integrated Systems (IS). The Procelerant IS 1000 is a suite of embedded system platforms built on COM Express modules, or Single Board Computers, combined with fully integrated operating systems and software solutions for target applications. Incorporating these extended temperature modules the Procelerant IS can address business applications more effectively in areas like industrial automation.

The extended temperature range of the Procelerant CEZ5XL opens up new opportunities for companies developing military and government equipment for example. Incorporating the CEZ5XL into their designs means the same unmanned ground vehicles can be used in extreme environments like those found in Baghdad or the North Pole.

Offering a full suite of extended temperature, rugged COM Express modules means our customers can select the ideal module for their design based on performance, power and temperature requirements, said Wade Clowes, vice president and general manager of commercial markets for RadiSys. Incorporating the latest Intel technology, which comes with a seven-year long lifecycle, enables us to meet customers’ current and future design specifications.

Intel has extended the low-power Intel Atom processor Z5xx series platform to offer an industrial temperature range specifically for embedded applications, said Jonathan Luse, director of marketing, Low Power Embedded Products Division, Intel. This allows rugged modules, such as the new RadiSys Procelerant CEZ5XL, to be used in many embedded applications that are deployed in unconstrained thermal environments, such as industrial settings and transportation systems.

RadiSys Extended Temperature COM Express Modules:

The RadiSys Procelerant CEZ5XL is one of the new Intel architecture-based COM Express modules that can operate in industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C. The module also features enhanced I/O made possible via a PCI bridge and PCIe switch that provides 4x PCIe interfaces to the COM Express B2B connector. Additionally, the module includes a SATA controller and optional on-board PATA SSD. While the CEZ5XL offers a balance of I/O, the Procelerant CEZ5XT offers the lowest power while the Procelerant CEGSXT delivers the highest performance. Both the CEZ5XT and CEGSXT have been tested for ruggedized environments with more robust shock and vibration specifications.

About Procelerant COM Express:

RadiSys Procelerant COM Express products help equipment manufacturers shorten their time-to- market and reduce development costs. By removing the processor, chipset, and memory from the rest of the design, manufacturers can focus engineering resources on developing differentiating features and avoid the design churn that comes with implementing new processor generations. RadiSys also provides a wide range of COM Expert custom services that further accelerate customer time-to-market by supplying carrier concept definition and design, carrier schematic reviews, BIOS customization, and thermal design.