Quanta will provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for facility in Kings County, California, that will generate enough electricity to power 36,000 homes when operating at full capacity upon completion in mid-2011.

The Emerson inverters and software offered by the company’s Industrial Automation’s Control Techniques business, convert DC power from PV arrays into AC power that is placed on the electric grid and used in homes and businesses.

While Emerson’s Inverter Management System controls the operation of these inverters, Emerson Process Management’s Ovation distributed control system will provide the overall plant control and interconnection with the electric grid.

Eurus Energy America president and CEO Mark Anderson said that Emerson’s unique architecture and software platform will enable Eurus to maximize energy yield, improve inverter life, and increase reliability.

“Those technologies, paired with Emerson’s financial stability and dependable, long-term inverter warranty, provided a uniquely attractive package well-suited to this large-scale PV facility,” Anderson said.