Proton Laboratories Inc. (Proton Laboratories) has introduced new cooling tower maintenance equipment. The system was introduced in the Japanese industrial market with a high acceptance due to enhanced productivity of their processes and considerable savings in the energy and chemicals and decreased equipment downtime. The growing concerns over ground water contamination from the disposal of toxic chemicals, used to maintain cooling towers, offers a strong need for a technology of this caliber.

The advanced electrolysis process that was engineered and built by Proton Laboratories and its Japanese partners provides users of cooling towers a highly effective, non-chemical, non-toxic method of removing scale buildup in cooling towers and heat exchange systems and then preventing scale in the future, states Jim Wheeler, chief executive officer.

As more of the industrialized countries move away from their dependence on the chemical maintenance methods, the company is offering a viable option to commercial and industrial users of cooling towers and heat exchangers. The facilities managers in Japan have noted the considerable benefits that are achieved by this system that can be quantified with regards to lower ongoing maintenance costs, less down times, improved productivity and the impressive overall quality gains.