As part of the upgrades, the operators installed a new coated casing at the Quinlan #1 well, connected a high capacity submersible pump at Quinlan #3, and they carried out other overall site improvements.

Independence Energy CEO and president Gregory Rotelli said as s larger variable speed submersible pump is online at Quinlan #3, project operators plan to optimize oil and water production levels to maximize the long-term return on investment potential of the well.

"At the Quinlan #1 well, the new coated casing and other essential repairs made to the original well completion are also expected to significantly improve production levels and well reliability. Based on the history of the Quinlan wells and other wells in the area, we anticipate that the improved Quinlan Lease property will generate consistent income for the Company for many years," Rotelli said.

The Quinlan Lease area included three productive oils wells, in which the company currently holds a 10% stake, and one water disposal well located on 120 acres in Pottawatomie County.

Independence Energy is an oil and gas exploration and development company focused on projects in the US.