Principal Technology has upgraded and modernized the glycol reboiler burner and combustion controls of West Texas gas processing plant, located in the US.

The facility operated by a large national company was upgraded to increase the safety operations of the plant.

The natural draft fired, dual burner, glycol reboiler with obsolete burner ignition system and manual combustion controls was modernized with Principal Technology’s modular burner management system (BMS) specifically designed for the retrofit the legacy boilers, ovens, furnaces, and other fired equipments.

Principal Technology president and CEO Matthew S Hodson said the firm’s modular approach created a custom BMS by applying individual modules to the application as needed.

"The result is a BMS tailored to the customer’s exact needs but delivered more quickly because the component pieces are pre-engineered," Hodson added.

"In the case of the West Texas plant, from arrival onsite to the first fire of the reboiler took only four days.

"This allowed us to minimize down time while retrofitting the equipment and provide the customer a safer and much more efficient system."

Principal Technology replaced the old equipment with new draft burners, control system and fuel train based on the company’s BMS with automated combustion control and undertook other relevant upgradation work to improve the stability of the reboiler temperature and improve operational efficiency.