Available from Australian pump maker Thompsons Kelly & Lewis is the Series A TKL Primo-Titan pump, developed to allow for dewatering contractors sites and for pumping out sludge pits.

Designed to operate at higher liquid temperatures (75?C), the pumps come with an easily removable front suction cover, which enables any blockages to be quickly removed without any need for cranes or hoists, or for disconnecting pipes, says the company.

The pumps wear plate is reversible and replaceable and there is provision for quick impeller adjustment. The shaft sealing also has a double mechanical seal running a separate oil chamber.

The oil cools and lubricated the seal faces, helping to prevent damage if the pump is run dry for extended periods.

There are five models in the range, extending form 50 to 200mm nominal bore discharge and with flow rates to 160litres/sec.