The authority received nearly $32,000 from PPL Electric Utilities to make major energy efficiency improvements to two of its housing developments.

The incentives covered more than half of the total project costs, and the payback period is estimated to be less than two years, according to the authority.

The E-Power Master-Metered Low-Income Apartment Program offers a free energy analysis, incentives for various upgrades to common areas and residential units, and interest-free financing for the housing development’s remaining portion of the costs.

This program is administered by SmartWatt Energy and is available to master-metered, nonprofit and income-eligible housing developments within PPL Electric Utilities’ service territory.

Lancaster City Housing Authority public housing director Beth Detz said,"We will be saving substantially on energy costs — savings that we can now put toward other areas to benefit our residents."

PPL Electric Utilities energy efficiency and conservation manager Joe Mezlo said the program helps housing authorities and others who own low-income apartment buildings with master meters to make energy efficiency improvements.