The project comprises two dams and over 15km of water conveyance tunnels, a 700mt deep shaft and an underground powerhouse with two Pelton turbines of total 150MW installed capacity.

The design phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. The main construction activities are scheduled to start in early 2011 and the power station will be commissioned in early 2016. Farab International of Dubai is the EPC contractor of the project.

The construction of the hydropower plant and the dams is part of Uma Oya Multipurpose development project by the Ministry of Irrigation, Sri Lanka. In the project, water will be diverted from the wet central highlands into the dryer southern part of Sri Lanka for irrigation and human consumption, and will use the available head of over 700mt for energy generation.

Poyry is a consulting and engineering company and has experience of the study and design of dams, hydropower schemes and irrigation works in Sri Lanka.