Poyry, a consulting and engineering company, has been awarded a consultancy contract for the provision of engineering services for Saudi Electricity Company's thermal power plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The contract is a non-exclusive framework contract valid for three years with a possibility of two years’ extension. The services to be performed contain various engineering tasks partially on a lump sum basis and partially on unit rate basis for the power plants.

The work will be assigned by individual service orders for specific projects. The project will be booked into the order stock after singing the respective service orders based on the framework contract, Poyry said.

Saudi Electricity Company is a joint-stock company with headquarters in Riyadh and is engaged in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity across Saudi Arabia.

Poyry said it is currently involved in Saudi Arabia as owner’s engineer in the design and implementation of a seawater flue gas desulphurization (FGD) plant in Jeddah with a capacity of 5x150MW for Saline Water Conversion Corporation.

The company is also participating in the study phase of two seawater FGD plants for the Rabigh and Shoaiba power plants with a total electrical capacity of over 5800MW for the Saudi Electricity Corporation.