Numex is renowned by the nuclear energy industry as a facilitator of exchange of NPP related maintenance experience and as a forum for best-practice maintenance procedures. The current members of Numex include NPP operators in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, UK, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

The company said that through this joining of forces, Poyry underlines its commitment to the nuclear energy sector and its strategy to provide solutions along the entire value chain of nuclear energy.

With this acquisition, Poyry will carry on with Numex ‘s mission of enhancing valuable maintenance experience exchange between nuclear power plant managers and engineers worldwide, the company added.

Philipp Elkuch, president of Poyry’s Nuclear Business Area , said: “With its more than 20 years of experience, Numex represents a wealth of experience which is not only important for today’s operation of NPPs, but is also crucial as an input for the upcoming wave of investments into new nuclear power plants. “