The set of model tests – carried out at the JSC Power Machines subsidiary Leningrad Metal Works – confirmed the quality and operating safety of the new hydro turbine. In particular, on the basis of calculations made in accordance with the size effect methodology, the test results demonstrated that the guaranteed maximum capacity of the Sayano-Shushenskaya turbines is provided for with a clear margin and comply with the terms of reference.

During the last stage of the testing, the model unit was partially disassembled and the dimensions of the wheel space checked, demonstrating total geometric compliance of the model with the parameters of the full-size turbine.

Power Machines signed a contract with JSC RusHydro for manufacture of the main power equipment for restoration of Sayano-Shushenskaya in November 2009. Under the contract, Power Machines will prepare 10 turbine generator units each with a capacity of 640MW and six excitation systems. Specialists from the company will also demonstrate installation monitoring services and carry out set up and initial operation work.

Power Machines has now developed and handed over the part of the technical design to be approved by the customer. The new hydro units’ operational lifespan will be up to 40 years – a 25% increase compared to previous units – and they will operate at 96.6% efficiency. The turbines will be fitted with more effective protection to enable automatic work stoppages when output exceeds the regimes’ limits. The capacity of the new hydro-units will be within the same limits as those that previously operated at the hydro power plant.

The 6.4GW Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant was partly-destroyed by an explosion that killed 75 workers in August last year. Six of the project’s turbines were damaged beyond repair during the incident.