Power Integrations has launched seven new members of its LinkSwitch-PH group of LED driver ICs.

The devices (LNK413-LNK419) are suitable for lighting applications ranging from 3W bulbs to 55W replacements for fluorescent lighting fixtures.

The company claims that the devices can achieve about 88% efficiency, and are appropriate for industrial and commercial settings.

The devices have a PWM-dimmable single-stage controller with both power factor correction (PFC) and accurate constant current (CC) power conversion functionality, which permit multiple drivers to be connected in parallel to drive exterior and street area lights efficiently and with functional redundancy.

Parasitic elements between the controller and MOSFET are eliminated and the design and layout are simplified as the LinkSwitch-PH devices include the PFC/CC controller, a 725V MOSFET and MOSFET driver into a single package, said the company.

The company claims that high dependability at low expense is made possible as the new ICs purge up to 25 additional components used in conventional isolated flyback designs.