The gas clean up filters for UK AGR reactors form a critical part of the gas heat transfer system at the core of the reactor. In normal operation they serve as a filter in the gas drying stage of the reactors heat exchanger and provide vent protection when the reactor pressure is released for routine maintenance and refueling, the company said.

The development orders are for US nuclear fuel production and waste handling projects in France. If successful these could lead to further, much larger orders from 2011, Porvair said.

The company claimed that these orders help to underpin the Microfiltration division’s expected revenue from the nuclear market and are further confirmation of Porvair’s strategy of targeting selected markets.

Ben Stocks, CEO of Porvair, said: “Porvair’s Microfiltration division has enjoyed considerable success in developing its position as a leading supplier of gas clean up filters for the nuclear industry. The contracts won this week further demonstrate Porvair’s market leading capability in filters for the nuclear industry.”