Involves the installation of more than 75 piping systems associated with a new air quality scrubber system

Emcor Group, a US-based provider of electrical and mechanical construction and facilities services, has announced that its subsidiary, Poole and Kent, has been awarded a contract for the installation of process piping systems at Constellation Energy’s Brandon Shores Power Plant located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Poole and Kent’s work will involve the installation of more than 75 piping systems associated with the construction of a new air quality scrubber system.

The carbon steel, fiberglass, rubber-lined, and stainless steel piping to be installed throughout the new facility by Poole and Kent includes, in part, power plant air, control air, oxidation air, make-up water, hydrocyclone, and missed eliminator systems.

Adam Snavely, president and chief executive officer of Poole and Kent, said: We are very pleased to be a part of this highly complex and environmentally focused upgrade to the Brandon Shores facility and are proud to be working on a project that will help control air pollution and maintain a safe, eco-friendly environment.

Constellation Energy expects that this three-year upgrade project will result in a 95% reduction in the sulfur dioxide emissions at its Brandon Shores plant.