The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) has criticized the state of the Polish wholesale power market, suggesting that the country needs a 'neutral and independent' power market operator to introduce greater transparency.

The EFET’s statement on the Polish wholesale power market was reported by Platts, with its report further stating that standardized power contracts and competitive transaction costs were also required to improve the trading climate.

There is also the issue of per-megawatt scheduling charges and a ban on trader to trader dealing, which both act as impediments to the development of a wholesale power arena, Platts reports. These barriers risk preventing Polish consumers from gaining the benefits of a competitive electricity sector, the report adds.

The removal of the identified obstacles would help realize our vision of a true European internal market in electricity. Poland could then become the most open and accessible power market in Eastern Europe and form a counterweight to the German and French wholesale hubs to the west, EFET is quoted as saying.