Stainless UK, in collaboration with Welsh water company Hyder, has developed a tie bar pipeline repair kit based on its Grip-Bar stainless steel threaded bar.

Traditionally, spigot and socket pipelines are repaired by replacing the length of pipe that has become damaged with three shorter sections held in place by VJ couplings. But on uneven ground there is a chance that the sections will go out of alignment. Grip-Bar tie rods running the length of the repaired section, still with VJ couplings, hold the sections securely in place to maintain the continuity of the pipeline.The kit comprises Grip-Bar in lengths of up to 6m and diameter sizes from 12mm to 80mm, made from 304/316 stainless steel. It also includes load nuts, lock nuts, plate washers and other accessories.

Stainless UK is looking at techniques for using Grip-Bar in conjunction with Duckbill anchors for holding down pipes crossing uneven ground or sand.

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