picoChip Designs Limited (picoChip) has collaborated with Ubiquisys Ltd. (Ubiquisys) to integrate its PC302 processor into the Ubiquisys ZoneGate femtocell. The PC302 is a highly integrated baseband processor that provides a combination of high performance and low cost. It is designed to support the advanced features of the ZoneGate femtocell, like cognitive radio techniques, grid technology and application services.

The company will continue to be one of Ubiquisys’ strategic suppliers, extending a five-year working relationship. Current ZoneGate femtocells use the company’s PC202 processor, and this experience has informed the development of the PC302.

“We have worked closely with picoChip on both requirements and timelines,” said Will Franks, founder and chief technology officer, Ubiquisys. “picoChip’s roadmap is aligned with our rapid development of next generation ZoneGate femtocells.”

“Ubiquisys and picoChip are in the vanguard of the femtocell market; we are delighted to continue as a strategic supplier for the next generation of Ubiquisys femtocells,” said Pete Claydon, co-founder and chief operating officer, picoChip. “We have a close relationship, spanning nearly five years of co-operation and joint development. This will be the third generation of femtocells we have worked on together, with ever-increasing performance and reduced cost.”