Phyworks Ltd. (Phyworks) will design and manufacture its new transceiver ICs in CMOS, instead of the traditionally employed SiGe process technology. With this move, the company provides both 10G transceiver and equalizer technology in CMOS, leading the way to far greater device integration.

Initial CMOS based transceiver products to be taped out by the company during the second quarter and third quarter of 2009 will include a multi-rate 1-10Gbps optical transceiver for the 10GBASE-SR and 1-8.5G storage markets, a low power 10G copper cable transceiver/equalizer for the 5m-15m active copper cables and a 10G PON transceiver with burst mode laser drive capability and the optional equalizer capability.

Phyworks’ chief executive officer, Stephen King said, “Migrating our transceivers into CMOS is a logical next step given our understanding of fine geometry CMOS gained through the development of our high performance 10G equaliser and retimer products.”

“Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce product cost, at the same time increased performance and higher data rates must be achieved. CMOS now provides the performance necessary for 10G, is cost comparable with SiGe, plus it offers lower power operation. Most importantly, CMOS also provides an integration roadmap for future technology developments that SiGe simply cannot.”