Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, November 14, 2016 - Imtex Membranes Corp., originator of the Permylene Membrane System, has published “Permylene Integrated Solutions: 1-Butene Purification from C4 Raffinate”.

Permylene Membrane System is the first commercially available facilitated transport membrane process that is a high performance, lower cost alternative to traditional distillation techniques for olefin extraction and purification in the petrochemical and refining industries.

This paper describes how Permylene membrane separation technology could replace and integrate with traditional C4 distillation, resulting in a more cost effective and operationally efficient system. Access the white-paper to discover more about Permylene Integrated Solutions.

“After years of research and process and product development, Imtex has successfully resolved the technological and operational issues that have prevented the commercial deployment of membrane solutions in rigorous applications in the petrochemical  industry that depend on reliable, continuous operation for extended periods of time,” said Glenn Towe, President and CEO of Imtex.

“This case study provides just one example that quantifies the potential benefits that Permylene membrane technology can bring to the industry – separating and recovering higher value olefins at a significantly reduced capital investment and operating cost versus conventional separation processes.”

Founded in 2007, Imtex is an advanced membrane separation technology company that is focused on the industrial deployment of a patented high performance, reliable and cost-effective membrane technology for the separation of olefins from paraffins and other compounds.  Permylene membrane systems offer significant economic and environmental benefits over the distillation processes typically employed for olefin-paraffin separations.

 Imtex is committed to delivering technology to the petrochemical industry that dramatically improves the efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness of separating mixed gas streams.  To learn more about Imtex and the Permylene Membrane System, go to www.imtexmembranes.com.