PassivSystems, a UK smart energy company, has launched a new home energy management system, that is projected to reduce household energy use by up to 18%, a saving of GBP214.92 on the average household energy bill of GBP1,194.

According to PassivSystems, the new energy management system manages home’s hot water and heating systems, a function called ‘Adaptive Occupancy Control’.

The user tells the system their occupancy status – whether they are in, out, asleep or on holiday – and PassivEnergy looks after the rest, providing exactly the required amount of hot water and heat for that status.

It comes with an occupancy button usually placed by the bed or the front door – that allows the user to change their status at the flick of a switch without having to re-program the entire system.

The systems work by communicating wirelessly to sensors and controls installed around the home and is managed using the wireless touch-screen PassivController, which replaces existing boiler and heating controls.

The company said that this hand held device makes it easy to adjust the temperature in the home, when the heating comes on or off and when hot water is needed.

PassivEnergy can also integrate with a home’s alternative energy sources, helping people manage energy generated from sources such as solar panels. The energy from clean sources is optimized and fossil fuel only used to top up a household’s energy when needed.

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said: ”PassivEnergy is intelligent and intuitive enough to adjust to your household’s needs and really addresses wasted energy in the home. It takes the guesswork out of ensuing your heating and hot water are as you want it.”