The distribution firms under Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (Pakistan Electric Power) have installed/upgraded 1,531.3 km, 11 kV power lines under various programs to rectify the errant voltage and tide over line losses by bifurcating the lengthy and overloaded feeders besides upgrading the conductor where replacement with higher capacity conductor was imperative. It was partly overloaded because of undeclared load by consumers and its replacement was imminent.

Pakistan Electric Power has spent INR915.36 million from July 2008 to April 2009 on this project to strengthen its distribution network to facilitate the consumers. Under this program, 125 new 11 kV feeders have been constructed and augmentation and rehabilitation against 108 HT proposals was carried out, resulting in improvement in the 11 kV system, which offered better power supply to the consumers.

The load on the system is still increasing and the demand has slightly augmented from 15,223 megawatts (MW) to 15,243 MW as compared to May 21, 2009. The shortfall has also slightly increased from 2,530 MW to 2,550 MW, but it is pertinent to mention that load management duration has not been enhanced due to escalation in generation. In 2008 on the same day deficit was 5,358 MW. The export to KESC on May 21, 2009 was 710 MW and on May 21, 2008, it was 570 MW.