Ovivo has been awarded a major contract in the U.S. Electronics market worth over $20m Canadian with a renowned global semiconductor manufacturer.

Ovivo’s scope of work is to supply the most sophisticated ultrapure water ("UPW") and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems for a new R&D wafer fabrication facility. The plant will be utilizing Ovivo’s innovative "green" technologies for chemical, waste and energy reductions. The smart modularity of this ”green” system provides many recurring benefits to Ovivo and its customers, as it allows for a fast and efficient delivery as well as easy future expansion. The delivery of this system is scheduled within the next twelve months.

"This combined UPW and wastewater major contract awarded in the U.S. Electronics market follows large ones granted in Asia, and is a great example of our capacity to lead this highly sophisticated global market with the depth of our expertise and our smart technologies," said Marc Barbeau, President and Chief Executive Officer.