BIOREM also anticipates hiring 27 new employees over the next five years including engineers, and mechanical and design technologists. This funding is part of Ontario’s Innovation Agenda, a plan to make research and innovation the driving force of Ontario’s future economy.


“The McGuinty government is proud to support companies like BIOREM in their efforts to commercialize great ideas in Ontario fast, and bring new technologies to the global market first. They are driven by the fact that through innovation, businesses can compete globally, create good jobs and protect our health and environment at the same time.” said Minister of Research and Innovation, John Milloy.

“Today’s investment is another example of our government’s commitment to support emerging technology companies that promise to bring cleaner air and a better quality of life to communities around the world while creating high-skilled, green jobs in Ontario.” said Guelph MPP, Liz Sandals.

“BIOREM is a creative, aggressive, technology company that recognizes the need to capitalize on the principle of ‘speed to market’. This support from the Ontario government is helping us move our Unity product into the marketplace more quickly so that we can seize a competitive market position and grow our company.” said Peter Bruijns, president and chief executive officer, BIOREM.


The recent provincial budget boosted Ontario’s commitment to support emerging green technology companies by creating a new $250-million Emerging Technologies Fund and injecting another $50 million into the Innovation Demonstration Fund.

More than 14,000 wastewater treatment plants in North America (including 465 sewage treatment plants in Ontario) require some form of air filtration.

BIOREM is a Canada-based manufacturer of Biosorbens biofilter media and a supplier of biofilters and biotrickling.