The Portage County Solid Waste Management District Board is composed of County Commissioners Chuck Keiper, Maureen Frederick and Chris Smeiles.

The funds will purchase containers used to sort these plastics which previously were not able to be processed as recyclables and had to be discarded as trash. Being able to process these plastics from commercial and residential locations, will turn what was an expense, of trash disposal, into a revenue, as they will be additional recyclables for the center to sell, Solid Waste District Director William Steiner said.

“This project achieves business objectives as well as environmental objectives for the district as well as the community,” Chuck Keiper, president of the board of commissioners said.

The grant will help the district to develop another source of revenue, provide local businesses and consumers with a solution to a waste disposal issue, reduce operational costs for all entities and develop a model for statewide usage for recycling number three to seven plastics.

The district has started an expansion program for commercial accounts. It does not receive money from the county general fund. The district is to provide local matching funds of $7,069 to receive this state grant.