NuScale Power has awarded a contract to Areva to provide nuclear fuel design and related testing services.

Under contract, Areva will provide its HTPTM pressurized water reactor fuel design for the use in the Design Certification Application of NuScale’s 50MWe small modular nuclear reactor (SMR).

Areva will also provide a diverse range of analyses, including fuel critical heat flux and component flow-induced vibration, and control rod assembly drop alignment tests, as part of the contract.

NuScale chief operating officer Dale Atkinson said: "AREVA is a world leader in nuclear fuel design and fuel services.

"Their capabilities and experience supporting new plant design and testing, and servicing America’s operating nuclear energy fleet will provide significant expertise in fulfilling our design certification requirements."

Areva chief operating officer Craig Ranson said: "With decades of experience in the American nuclear industry, AREVA remains committed to providing its expertise and services to customers like NuScale Power.

"This supports the advancement of nuclear energy in the U.S. energy mix as a reliable source of low-carbon electricity."