Germany-based Nordex has secured two new wind turbine supply contracts in Turkey, totaling 55.3MW.


The first contract with Sancak Enerji requires Nordex to install 22 N117/2400 Generation Gamma turbines at the Yahyali wind farm.

The project is located in Central Anatolia in an area with an average wind speed of 6.6 metres per second.

Nordex said the N117/2400 will achieve an above-average capacity factor of about 36% at the site.

The deal includes a five-year premium service contract, which will start after completion of the project.

Under the second contract with Dost Enerji, Nordex will deliver a single N90/2500 turbine for the Geres wind farm.

The turbine will be added to the 11 existing Nordex N90/2500 turbines that were installed in June 2014.

The latest contracts follow the agreement Nordex signed with Adali Holding in December 2014 to build the 45MW Kiyiköy wind farm in northern Turkey.

Nordex will deliver and install 15 of its N117/3000 Generation Delta turbines at the wind farm, which is located in the Turkish province of Tekirdag.

The company has secured contracts to supply 215MW of wind turbines to projects in Turkey in 2014.

Nordex has installed about 6,000 turbines globally with an aggregate capacity of over 10,000MW.

Image: Nordex N117/2400 Gamma (2.4MW) wind turbine. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.