The German firm will unveil the new N117/3600 and N131/3600 turbines at the Windenergy Hamburg trade fair in September.

Prototypes are due to be installed before the end of this year with series ramp-up scheduled for summer 2017.

The type test results will be available this year and the type certificates are anticipated in mid-2017.

The N117/3600 model is suitable for sites with moderate winds, giving the turbine a 20% higher-rated output than its sister model, the N117/3000.

For light-wind sites, Nordex also raised the rated output by 20% by introducing the N131/3600 turbine.

Nordex said the higher-rated output of the two turbines has a positive effect on their annual energy yields.

The sound emissions of the N131/3600 are limited to a max. 106.4 dB(A). The N117/3600 has the similar sound emissions as the N117/3000 at 105 dB(A).

Nordex CEO Lars Bondo Krogsgaard said: "With these turbines customers can produce an up to 12 percent higher yield. It is our declared aim to make electricity production from wind energy increasingly economical by means of our technical developments.

“By 2018 we at Nordex want to reduce the cost of energy by 18 percent. These two turbines represent a major step in this direction as ultimately they make wind-generated electricity more profitable."

The company said the wind turbines are ideally suited for sound sensitive markets such as Great Britain, France, Germany and in Scandinavian region.


Image: Nordex to showcase two wind turbines with high power output and low sound emissions. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.