As per the order, Nordex will supply 50 of its N117/3600 turbines for the Wieringermeer project. The wind farm project 60km north of Amsterdam, where wind blows at an average speed of 8.6m/s.

Nordex says that its N117/3600 turbines have been designed to have low noise emissions. Besides, the addition of serrations to the rotor blades contribute to low sound power level.  

Nordex chief sales officer Patxi Landa said: “Sustainability is an important part of our DNA. This is why we are striving for sustainable solutions in different areas.”

Turbine installation is expected to begin in March 2019 and is scheduled for commissioning by the end of that year. Nordex will continue to provide service for the wind farm and establish a local service station for this purpose.

When operational, the wind farm is expected to generate enough clean electricity to be supplied to 370,000 Dutch homes while offsetting 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually which could enter the atmosphere, had the energy been generated from a mix of gas and coal-fuelled power stations.

Nuon project director for Wieringermeer wind farm Ruben Lindenburg said: “Everybody is looking forward to the start of this large project. We have already made the first preparations in the area and are glad to have professional companies with whom we will work closely to realize the installation of the first 50 turbines of this wind farm.”

Image: Officials of Nordex and Nuon signing the order agreement. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.