Wind turbine-maker Nordex has received orders to supply turbines with a total capacity of 81MW for 13 projects in Germany.

These turbines will be headed to wind farms which have already received approvals and whose finances have also been finalised.

These projects will be eligible to receive remuneration under German renewable energies legislation (EEG).  Most of the projects are likely to be constructed in during this year itself.

According to Nordex, the company has received orders for the latest-generation of wind turbines which can produce more than three megawatts of electricity and have rotor diameter of more than 130 metres.

The wind farms will be the first to be installed with Nordex’s 3.6MW turbines and the orders have been placed in the last quarter.

The German turbine-manufacturer stated that in late summer, it will present a significantly more efficient turbine that will continue in addressing the trend of increasing demand.

Recently, the company received a follow-up order in Norway from Midtfjellet Vindkraft, one of Nordex’s long-term customers. The order was to supply 11 of its N117/3600 turbines for the Midtfjellet III wind farm, to be constructed on the island of Stord in the south-west of Norway.

Nordex will deliver and install the turbines in next spring. The wind farm is owned by a joint venture comprising of Aquila Capital, Fitjar Kraftlag SA, Østfold Energi Vind AS and Vardar Boreas AS.

Presently, Nordex has an installed capacity of more than 21GW in more than 25 countries, recording a revenue of about €3.4bn in 2016. The company has its plants across Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States and India.

Image: Nordex to supply 81MW turbines in Germany. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.