The orders were placed in December by two large utilities in the US. Under the contract, the company will supply a total of 263 of its AW125/3000 3MW and AW125/3150 3.15MW turbines for three wind farms in the country.

One of the company’s regular customers has placed an order to supply 196 of its AW125/3150 turbines for two wind farms with a capacity of 319MW and 300MW, respectively.

For the third wind farm, the company will supply 67 of its AW125/3000 turbines. This wind farm with a capacity of 201MW will be installed in the US state of Texas.

Nordex said that the delivery of the turbines will commence in the summer of this year.

Recently, Nordex received an order to supply 58 turbines totalling 191MW for Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables (GNFR).

These turbines will be installed across six wind farms to be located across Spain. Nordex stated that it will produce the turbines in the country itself, where it has manufacturing facilities.

Presently, Nordex has an installed capacity of more than 21GW in more than 25 markets. With a workforce of about 5000 employees, it has production facilities across Germany, Spain, Brazil, the US and India.

The company primarily serves onshore market and its turbines range in capacity from 1.5MW to 4.5MW class, meeting the requirements of land constrained as well as grid constrained markets.

Image: Nordex receives orders in US totalling 820MW. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.