NV Energy, Ormat Technologies and Kern River Gas Transmission have completed the Goodsprings Energy Recovery Station, which is said to be southern Nevada's first non-solar renewable energy project.

The project is rated at 7.5MW, enough to supply approximately 4,500 homes in southern Nevada.

Goodsprings Energy Recovery Station was built by Ormat Nevada in partnership with Kern River Gas Transmission, a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy.

NV Energy president and CEO Michael Yackira said that the company’s Goodsprings project provides a reliable and consistent renewable energy resource for its customers in southern Nevada.

The waste-heat-recovery project is adjacent to the Kern River Goodsprings compressor station.

The project will use a process to capture the heat from Kern River’s natural gas-fueled compressors, and then use that heat to turn a separate generator to produce electricity.