Nodal Exchange and LCH.Clearnet have launched the trading and clearing for a Henry Hub natural gas contract, which allows Nodal Exchange participants to enhance capital efficiency by cross-margining their power and natural gas portfolios using Value-at-Risk (VaR) margining.

The Henry Hub natural gas contract is available through Nodal Exchange’s cleared over-the-counter (OTC) trade platform.

The Henry Hub contract has a monthly term with a lot size of 2,500MMBtu per month.

The contract expiries extend from the prompt month to four years forward for a rolling offering of 48 months.

Since launch in 2009, Nodal Exchange has recorded six successive quarterly rises in trading volume and has expanded to offer over 50,000 expiries.

Nodal Exchange CEO Paul Cusenza said that with the introduction of this new contract, participants and brokers can now submit OTC trades for natural gas contracts to Nodal Exchange for clearing by LCH.Clearnet, providing cross-margining benefits with their power portfolio.