NGCP Visayas corporate communications and public affairs officer Elmer Cruz noted that the Compostela Substation Expansion Project is being undertaken to reduce the demand-supply gap for power in Visayas.

As part of the project, the substation will be installed with a 150 megavolt ampere (MVA) transformer, power circuit breakers and accessories.

Expansion of the substation is expected to entail an investment of P221.15m ($5.428m) and is scheduled to complete in May 2013.

Increased capacity at the substation is expected to ramp up the Leyte-Cebu 230 kilovolt Interconnection System linked to the Visayas Transmission Backbone.

All major islands in Visayas are connected to the power grid, while most power transmitted from the Leyte Geothermal Plants pass through the Compostela Substation.

The substation then delivers the power to the Cebu, Negros, and Panay sub-grids.