Additionally, all HFH Canada affiliates will benefit from a NextEnergy national program. Protecting the environment and employing sustainable building practices is an issue that is increasingly important to HFH Canada and for Canadians in general.

We’re thrilled to have this program in place, stated NextEnergy President, Randal Palach. We have long admired the work of Habitat for Humanity, and most recently for improving sustainability in their homes, particularly from an energy standpoint. It feels great to be working together to help them achieve their goals.

Individual homes leveraging a NextEnergy geothermal system will enhance energy-efficiency by up to 70% and decrease green house gas emissions by up to three tonnes per year. This is significant, particularly for the low-income families, as energy efficient homes heating with geothermal decrease homeowner costs, making a tremendous improvement in affordability.

Low-income households face real challenges in maintaining affordable shelter due to the impact of increasing utility costs, often coined as ‘Energy Poverty, stated Stewart Hardacre, president and chief operating officer for HFH Canada. NextEnergy’s support for sustainable building practices through this partnership will help us provide more sustainable and affordable homes to families in need, lowering the cost of energy and maintenance, and ultimately helping us to reduce our impact on the environment, continues Hardacre.

Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Conestoga stated, This generous contribution by NextEnergy will not only lower construction costs incurred by Habitat for Humanity Canada, it will make heating costs more affordable for families in need, and lower Canada’s carbon footprint. We are blessed to have such a good corporate citizen in our community.

Another important aspect of the NextEnergy commitment incorporates training and education sessions for all HFH Canada affiliates in the form of webinars, and regional visits for one-on-one sessions. The company’s dealers, friends and family can also help financially, contributing to affordable, sustainable homebuilding through the NextEnergy Fundraising Campaign.

NextEnergy is a Canada-based marketer and distributor of geothermal systems.